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If you are interested in joining Imperial Outlaws, please answer the questions below and EVE Mail them to Shalee Lianne and Ryven Krennel.

Also, you must join the in game channel Imperial Outlaws Public after you have sent in your questionaire.

Please include the questions in your mail.


Characer Name?

Is your character a main or an alt. Also, please list any other characters you may have and player run corporations they are in.

How many skill points do you have?

What are your strength's as a pilot? (IE, can you FC? Industry specced? Ewar? etc)

What are your personal goals as a pilot?

Why are you leaving your current corp?

How did you learn of Imperial Outlaws?

Why have you chosen to apply to Imperial Outlaws?

Do you know anyone in Imperial Outlaws or have you flown with any of our pilots (ie in general milita fleets)

Do you know anyone in Amarr FW who may vouch for you?

Have you any experience with Faction War? If so, elaborate.

Faction War comes with the responsibility of defending Amarrian systems, ie plexing. Do you accept the responsibility that you will be asked to plex from time to time?

Faction War is costly. We expect our pilots to be self sufficient, however we do sometimes run corp ops to make isk. How do you make your isk?

We are at constant war with the Minmatar/Gallente Militia. Also we usually have several corporation wardecs against us at all times. Do you understand that there is 'no' safe place, even high sec.

What time zone are you in? Also what hours will you be most active?

Do you have a microphone and Ventrilo installed?

Are you over the age of 18?

(For roleplayers only)

If you RP, what is your character's motivation for joining Imperial Outlaws?

Do you understand that Imperial Outlaws is an Amarrian loyalist FW corp, meaning that your RP would have to reflect our values.

Is there anything about your character's history that we should know of?


*Imperial Outlaws is an FW corporation that bases out of Egghelende. If you join, you will be expected to relocate.

*We are sorta kinda involved in the RP community though it is not a requirement to join.

*We fly with the general militia mostly though we do run smaller corp gangs from time to time.

*We will ask for your API.

*Once you've mailed in your questionaire, expect at least a 24 hour discussion period from our recruitment team. While you are waiting for a voice interview please remain in our public channel, Imperial Outlaws Public.

*A follow up interview will be given over voice comms. Please do not apply if you do not have a working mic.
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